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The concept of creativity can mean totally different things to a variety of individuals. Scrapbooking and writing operas exist in two different dimensions but they both involve a creative spirit. Are you on the fence about getting creative and need a little push (not to the ground, of course)? Okay then! I'm going to share a few pieces of advice to get you off and running in no time.

  • It's fun to be creative just for you. Creativity doesn't require any approval from anyone. Spend a little private time creating something that makes you feel good, calm and relaxed and you simply can't go wrong.
  • Create with abandon. Have you ever seen a little kid with 64-count box of crayons? Once she gets going, you can't pry the Crayolas out of those tiny hands! That's how you want to do it. Do it like you mean it.
  • Carve out time to be creative. For some people this will be easier than for others. Busy schedules with jobs, families and other commitments usually take priority. Right after everyone has gone to bed or right before they rise is a perfect time to start penning that novel. It's quiet and there's no one to interrupt your train of thought, which is important to your creative self.
  • Explore new avenues. Like knitting? Try crochet. Love sewing? Investigate writing. It doesn't matter what you choose, it will only expand your horizons and feed your right brain. 
  • Never let anyone tell you that you're wasting your time. First of all it's your time, and unless you're in pokey, you are largely in control of it. Secondly, it always pays to follow your own heart. It can lead to the most wonderful places and things.


Let the world (and especially yourself) see what you can do.


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