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"Women are notoriously hard on themselves when it comes to how we look...we convince ourselves that we shouldn't go to that job interview because we can't fit into the perfect suit, or we can't go and meet friends, or a potential partner, because our hair isn't perfect." 

-Jenny McQuaile, Director, Straight/Curve

Not long ago I found a picture of myself when I wore a size 2. I smiled at my former self with a healthy degree of sympathy because I was convinced at that point in time that I still wasn't skinny enough. I was still young and accustomed to what used to be my 17-year old body - barely over 100 pounds at that time, it made sense for my frame. The college 'freshman 15' that so many people complain about had become the senior 15 - I had grown older and more muscular, alternating with more fat and more curves until the local gym and a nutritionist helped me whip into shape. I ultimately stopped being obsessed with losing those few extra pounds when a couple of loved ones told me that I had gotten too skinny.

Blame it on living in California, where just about everyone strives to be ultra-fit and slim, or the common plight of any woman yearning to conform to beauty standards. And I'm not going to lie - cuter clothing always seemed to come in smaller sizes. Once I began spending most of my time sitting at a desk and commuting, I had to kiss most of my petite-size wardrobe farewell. Add to that heaps of stress and lunches prepared in restaurants, I finally had to acknowledge that I would either become comfortable with my larger size, or remain perennially depressed. 

Lately I've reached a comfortable size midway between petite and plump and for that I'm thankful, but I couldn't help but notice Straight/Curve and the attention this documentary hopes to bring to plus-sized fashion. I'm happy to see designers reaching out to a woefully neglected demographic and it hopefully will produce far-reaching effects. Every woman, regardless of size, should be able to wear clothing that she doesn't have to squeeze into due to limited sizing or wear a garment that nearly swallows her whole. More importantly, every person should be able to feel beautiful, fashionable and comfortable in her own skin. 


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