Ordering Bracelets Over the Internet Made Easy Posted on 29 Jun 23:42 , 0 comments

Probably one of the most difficult jewelry items to order over the internet is a bracelet. The worst fear is that it will be too large and fall off your wrist, but it's very easy to determine sizing if you don't mind taking a quick measurement or two.

Simply measure your wrist with a tape measure. You can always use a string to measure your wrist and line it up with a ruler afterward. Once you know your measurements, add about an inch - so if your wrist measures 6 inches, add another inch and you will be comfortable with a bracelet that measures 7 inches. 

 Another helpful way to get the correct measurement is to measure a bracelet you already own if you like the fit. Just remember that a delicate bracelet should be worn a little more snugly than a thicker or chunky bracelet. Most bracelets offered online will include the jewelry's measurements. Knowing your own fit will help you order with confidence. 


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