Sparking Joy in Your Wardrobe Posted on 24 Jun 23:22 , 0 comments

In case you hadn't heard, the new trend in fashion is to throw away clothing that doesn't 'spark joy'. I'm telling you right off, I'm not throwing away a darn thing.

I get what the author Kondo is trying to say, and it really does make sense. If you're not wearing it - get rid of it! What could be simpler, really. And I'll admit, when I prepared to move a couple of years ago, there were tons of items I just donated to charity because it felt right. I had no need for a big wool coat in Los Angeles and someone in San Francisco would greatly appreciate it. 

A strange thing has happened since then, though and it was nothing new, but seemed to just start to happen more often. The moment I threw a garment away, and I do mean the moment, it came back into fashion. Only it cost more and wasn't as cute/well-made/precious as what I gave up.

My solution to sparking my own personal armoire joy is to not throw anything away, but refuse to buy anything else. This really only works if you don't gain weight or change climates, but it has its merits. I've learned a lot of do-it-yourself tips on altering clothing, and although alterations can be time-consuming, they ultimately can save you a bundle of money and items often end up looking better than before. Someone might also accuse me of being a pack-rat, but nothing 'sparks joy' like knowing you already own the latest fashion trends tucked neatly away in the attic, just waiting for the chance to be cherished once more.


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