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Inspiration is everywhere, even when we're not even fully aware. I've mentioned before that my parent's taste in clothing and decor undoubtedly laid the foundation for my interest in style, but there's also the fact that I grew up in a college town notorious for activism and rampant hippies. I love period movies, shows and documentaries - anything that gives me a chance to ogle 1920's to 1960's fashion and experience anything Victorian. What does that look like all together and in action? I'm either barefoot as much as possible or snuggled up in boots and tights. I love big natural hair, or cloches and flowered hats. The necklaces I create are often either very delicate and feminine or resemble ancient artifacts. 



Whatever we decide to wear should ultimately be a reflection of our own personal tastes and desires. How many times have you seen someone in public wearing the latest fashion and looking incredibly uncomfortable? We each have our own opportunity to express ourselves and thankfully we live in an era with virtually endless fashion possibilities. What is your unique style and what inspires you?


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