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Making things with my hands has become the essence of my life. I have faith which guides and centers, and there's the love of my life, my supportive husband. What motivates, calms, excites, drives and creates unquenchable curiosity and a profound sense of accomplishment in me is what can be created. Sometimes it starts out as a thought that goes no where quickly, only to be realized in subsequent weeks, months and even years. Other times, my stomach ties into knots and I have to put it together, whatever it is, or risk falling apart at the seams.

Tragedy actually helped me meet my creative side. Trained to be analytical from the time I was a young girl growing up in Berkeley, I studied and excelled at math, attended college, and earned a degree in statistics. From there I went on to finish business school, began my career in corporate business, and a short time later my life fell apart. Once my mother passed away suddenly, I woke up from whatever haze I had been under for so many years. That comforting feeling of hitting milestones - attending and graduating from college, then business school and getting that first real job suddenly meant nothing. Life is short, and there's nothing like the passing of a loved one to bring this fact into painfully sharp focus. That year I decided to write a book. It took another eight years before it was published, but that's really where it all began. I returned to a corporate job for a while, but my need to create would not be denied.


About four years ago I was sitting at our dining room table, making a necklace for myself. I had always been secretly obsessed with fashion - in good times and bad I would hop the train to San Francisco and spend hours roaming Nordstrom, trying on clothing, caressing shoes and spying jewelry. I got my love of fashion from both of my parents - from their 1950's pictures consisting of crisp suits, hats, high heels and gorgeous dresses to growing up with them in a spotless, well-ordered and furnished home, they couldn't help but make a big and lasting impression. Yet the biggest influence each of them had on me was their incredible ability to create. My mother was a solid seamstress and my father had the ultimate green thumb. I am improving in the sewing department and my plants tend to live more or less, but once I got my hands on a few beads it was love at first sight. From that dining room table to displaying my work at an arts show with encouragement from my husband, I haven't looked back.

Everything you see in my store is handmade. I certainly purchase the wire, beads, leather and yarn that you see, but the end result is a combination of lots of love and hard work. My focus is quality rather than quantity through hand-made and often one-of-a-kind items.  

We recently relocated to Los Angeles for family, resources and location. I'm back in full operation and can't wait to design something that will catch your eye. 



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