The Cool Kid At The Party Posted on 9 Apr 01:10 , 0 comments

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. There, I said it. Mostly love though - I'd say 80% love, 20% hate. Hate might be a strong word, it's not one I use often and it implies something/someone has an inordinate amount of power.

So let's say that 20% represents a sort of discomfort one feels at a party, where you don't really know anyone. If you get lucky, you'll strike up a conversation or two, and maybe even make a new friend. Generally though, everyone is clamoring to get to popular people, the ones you want to be seen schmoozing with. 

My love of social media lies in how swiftly it has leveled the playing field in fashion. Those individuals who have mastered the art of marketing themselves, either accidentally or on purpose have created a world of inclusion never seen before today. 

I came across a New York Times article about one such person, Luka Sabbat. He's a model admired far and wide. He has everyone from the girl next door to Tom Ford dreaming of a seat at his table. Here's a glimpse of the gorgeous influencer. 


Happy to be the cover for the @nytimes men's style. Go read my article, Link in bio.

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