What Does Luxury Mean To You? Posted on 27 Feb 23:43 , 0 comments

Saks is opening a new store in Canada, their first in fact that country. They will be managing the store as a luxury destination, with private shopping suites for their more deep-pocketed clients and unique offerings from the world's most notable luxury brands. 

As much as I love fashion, I realize that the idea of luxury connotes different things for different people. Personally, I'm delighted with my cashmere collection of sweaters, wraps and gloves. I sold several Coach bags on Ebay after leaving corporate America because it just seemed excessive to have more than one or two in basically the same shade of black. For someone living in one of the wealthiest cities in the world, the thought of paying $4,500 for a winter coat or $10,000 for a pair of sandals is absolutely nothing and worth it to them given the item's uniqueness and brand. 

Luxury is fluid and relative. Handmade items are a luxury. I focus on creating luxury for my customers and I'm ecstatic when they feel I've created something special just for them.