Earth Wind & Fire - Maurice White Posted on 5 Feb 00:28 , 0 comments

Around three pm Thursday afternoon I was staring at my computer, fighting the urge to take a quick nap. I opened Twitter and saw that Maurice White was trending. I was afraid of what this could mean, and unfortunately it was the worst. The main mastermind behind Earth Wind & Fire had passed away in his sleep.

It wasn't a complete shock. He had been ill with Parkinson's Disease for quite some time - about 20 years. White had stopped performing with the band, yet he still was an integral part of it in my mind and in my memories of their performances. His distinctive features, gorgeous smile and lean frame always seemed much larger than life as he held center stage with a powerful and warm voice. Maurice White was one with his music - every word he sang was accompanied by a dance move that was so perfect for what we were hearing, even if it was just a slight move of his shoulder.

In the past few months I had become more curious about Earth Wind & Fire's music, and more specifically their lyrics. Their best dance tunes and most moving love ballads often served as metaphor and simile for many of life's mysteries. I learned that White was a yogi and deeply committed to living a healthy life, as are his brothers and band members. This showed in everything they've written, sung and performed, and they've made our lives all the better for it. 

I came across a video where the band appeared on Natalie Cole's show in 1978. They performed a beautiful medley with her, and to me it was a perfect reminder of just how talented White was. In fact, I would call him supernatural.