LocoL in Watts Posted on 21 Jan 00:36 , 0 comments

I visited LocoL in Watts today - chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson decided to address the food desert in a very storied section of Los Angeles with fantastic results. LocoL is a few steps up from your typical fast food place, but it is still being billed as fast food. The two chefs decided to use healthy and fresh ingredients to prepare affordable, nutritious and delicious fare for the residents and those who need a decent lunch spot in Watts.

My husband and I tried the BBQ Turkey, LocoL Cheese and Fried Chicken Burgs. Oh and we also had Apple-Lime drinks - they serve iced coffee and aguas frescas for one dollar. I also tried the chicken nuggets and rice and we literally had to roll ourselves out of there. The portions appear small but whatever they're working with in the kitchen will fill you up quickly. We ate around three o'clock this afternoon, it's midnight now, and I still don't feel hungry. That is the power of good, solid food.

I definitely recommend stopping by, they're on Wilmington Avenue and 103rd in Watts. Parking could be um...a pain especially if you go at peak lunch or on the weekend, so just be prepared. 

I no longer get all geeked (like I did when I first started spending time in L.A.) when I see a celebrity or the like. I watched and waited, like somebody who doesn't stalk people, for Roy Choi to get close enough for a decent photo. Congratulations to him for really investing in a community with real food and jobs for people who live there.